About Koken Dojo

Koken Dojo

Koken Dojo – International Japanese Sword Club lead by a qualified coach Ireneusz Druciarek.

The secret to sword training is a calm spirit. You have put your hand with a tranquil heart on the hilt of your sword. A serene spirit must be cultivated at all times.
It is said that the sword is like the mind. When the mind is calm, the sword can be wielded properly.

International Koken Dojo teaches the styles typical of Japanese swordsmanship. Practice is made up almost entirely of kata, or pre-arranged sets of motion designed to respond to a particular attack by another swordsman.  Practice is calm and quiet, since the most important feature of iaido is the development a calm, reflective mind, and the major difficulty to overcome is the extraordinary attention to detail required.
This is another art that is popular with adult also older people and non-athletes, since the relatively slow movements are not as taxing to the cardiovascular system as are the more active arts (though it is still extremely challenging). This training builds arm and leg strength and provides a gentle cardiovascular workout. As stated above, it helps in the development of a calm, stable demeanour and, through attention to detail and continual refinement of the motions, orderly, precise thought patterns.

We welcome anyone who is interested to come and try a class. No previous martial arts training is required and you don’t need to purchase any equipment for your first class; just be sure to wear comfortable, loose fitting athletic clothes. We’ll be happy to lend you a bokken (wooden sword) to practice with.

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